1) iDox
iDox is a highly integrated modular system for managing patient records, hospital facilities and pharmacy store. It covers the complete operations of the hospital including patient records, administrative operations and pharmacy stock management and sales. It supports multiple users and multiple locations. It has role based and user based control of security and functional segregation. iDox can be installed based on the size and needs of the hospital. It meets the needs of small hospital pharmacy stock management by providing only the Pharmacy store module.
2) Investor Relation Management (IRM)
IRM is a web based back office and financial planning application which allows investment advisory companies in India to manage their investor data base and their portfolios. It supports Mutual Funds, Insurance Products, Loans, Post Office Saving products and Stocks. It supports branch and user level access control and role based security.
3) Indian Baby Names
Shows an alphabetical list of names with meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format.
4) Antimicrobial Prescription Adviser in Risk Groups
This is meant for Doctors who frequently encounter patients with renal failure requiring Antibiotic therapy. There are several guidelines for antibiotic dosage in renal failure. This is a simplistic approach to this problem. This will calculate the GFR value using the cockroft-gault formula and also gives the dosage adjustment directly for a selected antibiotic. The dosage adjustment of a particular antibiotic over the full range of GFR is also displayed.
5) FinPlanner
Personal Financial Planner allows you to track your income/expenses, plan for your goals and provides simple financial calculators.
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