iDox is a highly integrated modular system for managing patient records, hospital facilities and pharmacy store. It covers the complete operations of the hospital including patient records, administrative operations and pharmacy stock management and sales. It supports multiple users and multiple locations. It has role based and user based control of security and functional segregation. iDox can be installed based on the size and needs of the hospital. It meets the needs of small hospital pharmacy stock management by providing only the Pharmacy store module.

iDox Suite of Products
iDox Pharmacy store
Enables pharmacy store management. Allows handling of complete operations of the pharmacy store like inventory management, supplier management and supplier payments. Sales orders and returns can be done in the shop. Sales order reports and stock position reports can be generated by the admin. Gives alerts to manage stock positions and drug expiry dates.

iDox Pharmacy store
Enables the maintenance of Electronic health records of patients. Patient visits and medications can be captured and reviewed. Patient payments can be maintained. Front desk person can register patients and setup doctor appointments.

Application Users:
The following are the suggested roles. These roles are not fixed. They can be customized based on the needs of the hospital.

System Administrator
System administration tasks can be done using this role. Typical system administration functions are setting up facilities, setting up suppliers, setting up doctors and setting up insurance providers.

Frontdesk Agent
Front desk agent can register patients and setup doctor appointments.

Physician can View/Update patient records and View/Update his appointments.

Pharmacy Sales Agent
Sales agent can perform sales transactions.

Feature list:
General Features: iDox - Pharmacy Store:
Arrow Supports multiple locations Arrow Setting drug codes
Arrow Supports multiple doctors Arrow Stock purchasing
Arrow Supports Arogya sree/other insurance Arrow Inventory management
iDox - Health Records: Arrow Sales order entry
Arrow Patient registration Arrow Sales order view
Arrow Patient search/view/maintain Arrow Printing bills
Arrow Maintain patient case history Arrow Purge sales orders
Arrow Doctor appointment scheduling Arrow Daily Sales order report
Arrow View/update appointments Arrow Daily stock position report
Arrow Appointment alert on mobile phones Arrow Stock expiry alert
iDox - Admin and Facilities: Arrow Stock availability alert
Arrow Setup facilities Arrow Patient payments
Arrow Setup users Arrow Sales report by patient/doctor/drug type
Arrow Setup suppliers  
Arrow Setup insurance  
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