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“Xiao Zhong?”? It’s me “Oh,” his voice rose. “What’s the matter?” “Is it convenient now?” “Convenient.” Shinozuka lives alone in Shikaya. I have something important to say to you, which will probably frighten you. You have to calm down and listen to me. These words seemed to let Shinozuka guess the content of the next conversation, he did not immediately respond, Cheng also remained silent, ears only heard the noise of the phone. At this time, Cheng remembered that about three months ago, the quality of the call had deteriorated, and it was not easy to hear the voice of the other party. A follow-up to what happened last time? Shinozuka finally asked. Yes, that’s the thing. “Ha!” There was a light laugh in the receiver, but I’m afraid it wasn’t a real laugh. Is your wedding the day after tomorrow? “Last time you said you would cancel even if it was the day before.” “I did say that.” Shinozuka’s breathing was a little confused. “Are you serious?” “Yes.” Cheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva before continuing, “Tomorrow, I want to show her my heart.” “The dispatcher,lycopene for skin, whose surname is Misawa?” “Mmm.” “And after that?”? Propose to her? “I didn’t think so much, I just wanted to tell her my feelings and know her mind.”. That’s all “What if she says it’s not interesting to you?” “Then it’s all over.” “Then you’re going to pretend that nothing happened the next day and hold a wedding with Tang Ze?” “I know it’s mean.” “No,” Shinozuka said after a pause, “I think this is really a little bit of scheming. The most important thing is to choose the road you won’t regret. “I feel a little relieved when you say that.” “The question is,” Shinozuka lowered his voice. “What would you do if that girl liked you, too?” “When the time comes.” “Throw everything away?” “Yes.” I heard a sigh in my ear. Takamiya,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, this is no small matter. Do you understand? How many people will be in trouble and how many hearts will be broken? Apart from anything else, how will Tang Ze feel. “I’ll make it up to her, as much as I can.” The two sides fell silent again, and only noise came and went between the telephone lines. Well, now that you’ve said that, you must have made up your mind. I won’t say anything more. “I’m sorry to worry you.” “You don’t have to feel sorry for me, but for you, it seems that there may be a big commotion the day after tomorrow.”. Even I can’t help but get goose bumps all over. “I can’t help being nervous, either.” “No wonder.” “By the way, tannic acid astringent ,phycocyanin spirulina, I have something to ask you. Are you free tomorrow night?” http://www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM White Night Travel (51) T-xt Novel Paradise The fateful day had been overcast since morning, as if it were going to rain at any moment. Cheng ate breakfast late and then stared at the sky in his room. He didn’t sleep well last night. He had a bad headache. He pondered how to get in touch with Chidori Misawa. He knew that she would be staying at the hotel in Shinagawa tonight, so he could go directly to the hotel to find her if he had to, but he wanted to see her as much as possible in the daytime and express his love to her. But he couldn’t find a way. They had no personal contact, and he knew neither her telephone number nor her address. She is a dispatcher, and her name is not in the company’s address book. The section chief or director may know, but how to ask? What’s more, they don’t necessarily keep their address books at home. The only way is to go to the company to check directly. Although today is Saturday, there should be a lot of colleagues working overtime in the company. Even if he goes to the office to look for something, he doesn’t have to worry about anyone being suspicious. Cheng secretly said that it was not too late to stand up from the chair, and the doorbell of the porch rang suddenly. He immediately had a bad feeling. About a minute later, he confirmed that his intuition was accurate. Outside the room came the sound of someone coming upstairs, like the unique footsteps of walking in slippers, which should be Lai Zi. Cheng, Xuesui is coming. Lai Zi said outside the door. She’s here? I’ll be right down. Xuesui is drinking black tea with Lai Zi, Grandpa and Grandma in the living room. She is wearing a dark brown suit today. Snow Sui brought a cake. Would you like a piece? Lai Zi asked, looking in a good mood. No. Uh, what are you doing here? Cheng looked at Xuesui and asked. “I’ve missed a few things for travel and I’d like you to go with me.” She said as if singing, her almond eyes shining like jewels. She has shown the expression of the bride, such a thought, let Cheng feel very painful in the heart. Oh So, what to do? I have something to go to the company. “What!”! This is the time! Lai Zi frowned. “What’s wrong with your company to ask people to go to work before marriage?” “No, it’s not a job. I just want to see the information.” “Well, why don’t you stop by while you’re shopping?” Snow Sui said, “but can I go into the company with you?”? Didn’t you say that you didn’t have to wear a uniform on holidays and that non-company employees could come and go freely? “Well, yes.” Cheng felt uneasy in his heart, and he didn’t expect Xuesui to make such a suggestion. The workaholic is really annoying. Lai Zi flat mouth, “family and work, which one is more important?” “Well, it’s not urgent anyway. I won’t go to the company today.” “Really?”? I don’t care. Xue Sui said. Well, no, it doesn’t matter. Cheng smiled at his fiancee and planned to go directly to the hotel in the evening to find Misawa Chidu. He said,jujube seed powder, “I’m going to change my clothes.” He asked Xuesui to wait. Then he went back to his room and called Shinozuka immediately. I’m Takamiya. Is that all right? I’ll be there at nine o’clock on the dot. What about you? Did you get in touch with her? Not yet, I still can’t find her contact information. What’s more troublesome is that I have to accompany Xuesui to go shopping now. Shinozuka sighed on the other end of the phone. I feel tired for you just listening. “I’m sorry to ask you to do this for me.” “I can’t help it, then nine o’clock.” “Trouble.” 。 prius-biotech.com