DWQA QuestionsDressed as the Best Actor's Little Wife
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Hasn’t the purpose of their program always been to share hardships and happiness. Gu Yanze looked at the little girl in front of him with a confused look on her face and laughed. Let’s go “Huh?” Gu Yanze said lightly: “Go to the recording site.” “…… Oh Meng Leqiao scratched his head until he followed Gu Yanze into the elevator, and did not understand how she followed Gu Yanze. After breakfast, Li Yining still felt strange. This kind of strangeness lies in the fact that when you meet a director and photographer, as well as directors, their eyes always seem to fall on you, and in those eyes.. All with the smell of looking. She thought she might have missed something by sleeping. Thinking, Li Yining secretly poked Huo Shen’s arm. Huo Shen raised his eyebrows: “Hmm?” The man’s voice was low and heavy, and it sounded particularly hoarse. Li Yining pressed his ear heat and asked in a low voice, “Didn’t anything really happen in the morning that I didn’t know?” Before Huo Shen could answer, she said to herself, “I always feel that the way people look at me is a little wrong and strange.” Huo Shen covered his lips and coughed. “What do you think will happen?” He asked in a low voice. Li Yining: “I don’t know.” She just didn’t think anything would happen, so it was weird. Huo Shen “Hum” sound, comfort her: “May be just your illusion, you think there will be nothing, then there must be nothing.” “……” “It seems so.” Li Yining muttered in a low voice and followed Huo Shen to the meeting place in a daze. Everyone is familiar with the recording of the fourth issue. After greeting each other,ghana seed extract, the general director stood opposite and coughed: “Now is the recording of our fourth issue.” He looked at the crowd: “This issue of our theme is no theme, play at will.” As he spoke, he reminded him, “The topic is related to your morning task.” As soon as the words fell, Li Yining raised his hand and looked at the director:.. Director, I didn’t do the task in the morning. Director He looked at Li Yining’s innocent expression and really wanted to rush up and ask-do you know why you didn’t do the task?! Why are you so innocent?! The director is angry! In order to hide this thing in the morning,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, he abruptly changed a lot of plot lines, leading to now. The whole story is full of loopholes, and I have to tell you that this is a murderer without a theme. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. The director said with an expressionless face, “Teacher Li can participate in the dream.” Li Yining:?? Why did she feel that the director was a little hostile to her. You are a genius, one second to remember: NBA novel network, the website is http://www.nbaxiaoshuo.com. , No.104. Be a delicate little wife With that, the director immediately added. The main reason is that Mr. Li and Mr. Huo were lucky not to be woken up. “The people who are usually woken up are those who start their tasks at four in the morning,” he said. Li Yining said, “Ah, fenugreek saponins ,stesweet stevia, that’s true.” She smiled, “I’m really lucky. Thank you, director.” Chief Director “..” Gu Yanze listened on one side, unable to hold back his laughter. Instantly, the chief director and Huo Shen and Li Yining’s line of sight all looked at the past. Even other artists who don’t know are a little confused. Meng Leqiao.. Teacher Gu, what are you laughing at? Gu Yanze coughed and smiled apologetically, “Nothing, just suddenly remembered something.” Meng Leqiao: “What’s the matter?” With a smile on his lips, Gu Yanze winked at Meng Leqiao, “Teacher Meng wants to know?” Meng Leqiao.. And. It’s all right. Gu Yanze said, “I’ll tell you when I finish recording this issue.” “……” Said, Gu Yanze looked at Li Yining meaningfully. Li Yining “..” Huo Shen glanced at Gu Yanze and his voice was a little cold. “What are the rules of today’s task?” Director: “Quiet, everyone.” Holding his breath, he looked at Huo Shen and began to announce the rules of the game for today’s recording. After announcing the rules of today’s recording, everyone continued to be taken to the official recording site. Blindfolded, everyone follows the man in black. It has been recorded for the fourth time, but Li Yining is not afraid. But when that blindfold came off, she was alone. This time there was no one around her. The place where Li Yining was was a dark room. She looked around, found the switch and turned on the light. In an instant, the room was full of light. There are a lot of things in the room, Li Yining opened his eyes and did not let go at all. She found that it seemed to be a rest room, with many small objects in it, but these small objects looked. It’s all by hand. Li Yining doesn’t like to play these, but he knows a little about them. After staring for a long time, she turned and left the room. Li Yining always felt that there was something wrong with the room just now, but he couldn’t say for a moment. She scratched her head and went all the way inside. There was another door on the other side of the room, which she pushed open without much effort. As soon as he stepped one foot in, there was a scream inside. Ah Li Yining’s legs were weak and he was frightened by the scream to hold the wall. As soon as her hand touched the wall, the man inside turned to look, “Teacher Li.” It’s Zhuang Lan. Li Yining pressed his little heart beating too fast and nodded, “Teacher Zhuang, what’s wrong?” Zhuang Lan’s fingers trembled, pointing to a white bed in front of her. “Look here.” Li Yining looked at the past. The clean bed was now dyed red, and there was a man lying in the middle of the bed. Watching, Li Yining did not control his voice and shouted. Everything else is fine. Li Yining doesn’t like to see blood. Although the previous two recordings also had bloody scenes,jujube seed powder, they were really not as many as this one. This time it was like there was blood all over my eyes. She closed her eyes subconsciously, trying to find a place to hide. Li Yining feels his heart is about to jump out, here is too scary. prius-biotech.com