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COD Mobile is the mobile version of the popular PC game Call of Duty. Since the game has come to the mobile platform in 2019, COD Mobile rose to popularity and has become one of the biggest competitors of titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire.
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Use cover. In both multiplayer and battle royale, you want to make use of the cover around you. Use things like buildings and rocks as cover while you regain health, or use cover to leave less of your body exposed during gunfights.
That’s all for this Call of Duty Mobile Controller guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.
Level Up faster to unlock more weapons, perks, loadout slots and a lot more.
Ninja: As the name suggests, picking this class hushes your movement with the Dead Silence ability. You can also get across the map quickly or rappel up on buildings with the Grapple Gun.
Longshot Mods: Extend the range of your weapon (Snipers, ARs, SMGs, Shotguns)
From the unordered list above, you will notice that there are some top COD Mobile hacks that are already popular. The Aimbot hack also known as Auto-aim is quite ubiquitous and what it does once enabled is that it automatically zeros in on any enemies, thereby allowing you to perform an instant headshot.
When the combat becomes fierce, there’s frequently no time to grab a grenade, but it’s a wonderful opening move: on levels like Killhouse and Nuketown, lobbing the grenade from one end to the other is very straightforward and may rapidly wake up your adversary. Just make sure you don’t collide with your own grenade and that the opening immunity has elapsed.
However, COD: Mobile has two modes i.e., Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale Modes.
Call of Duty: Mobile is not a simple port of any existing game or series in the huge franchise although it contains maps and familiar characters from the numerous PC and console titles. While Call of Duty: Mobile does not contain a solo campaign, it offers a wide variety of multiplayer games that fans of the series, and the genre in general, will definitely enjoy. There is Team Deathmatch, where you simply defeat players in the opposing team; Domination, which is basically capture the flag; Hardpoint, which is a more tactical gameplay where you must capture a shifting location; Frontline, where the sole objective is kill as many enemies for points; and a Free-for-all that speaks for itself. Call of Duty: Mobile’s graphics may not be at par with the latest Call of Duty games on PC and consoles but it definitely holds a quality rarely seen on mobile.
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Ready for the Drop: To start a game of Battle Royale or Loot, you, your squad mates and a total of 150 players are all dropping off from a military cargo plane.
An even better solution, if you have one available, is to pair a PS4 of Xbox gamepad controller to your phone or tablet. After you pair your controller with your device via Bluetooth, all you need to do is enable controller support in COD: Mobile’s settings to enjoy the precision of a traditional controller with physical thumb-sticks and buttons.
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Cage will be released on the 29th February 2020.
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Take the moral high ground. Holding high ground on the map and being within the safe zone will provide you with a greater vision and an edge in gunfights. Just don’t remain stationary in the open—you’ll want to take advantage of any shelter you can find.
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Again, I do not endorse hacking or cheating in games, and my response is purely for educational purposes. The hacks that exist in CoD mobile are pretty much the same hacks that exist in every other online fps games out there:
In comparison to when the game was first released, the anti-cheat detection system in Call of Duty mobile has become quite active. It can now readily identify a player who is behaving strangely in the game. And if it is discovered that someone is utilizing an unlawful method to play the game, the anti-cheat system immediately bans that ID.
Unfortunately, CoD Mobile Season 2 has been marred by an insane exploit that is giving this power to other players, allowing them to delete your account and all your progress.
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Unlike Vanguard and Warzone, Snoop Dogg will be accessible via a lucky draw event in Call of Duty: Mobile. Ten items, including the operator, a Submachine Gun skin, and more, will be featured in the draw starting April 1.
The Serial Bomb is a two in one. It has both the effects of a Shock Grenade and a Flashbang. On detonation, it exploded multiple times. 
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View all buffs detail in new Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode.
J358- has a lower fire rate as compared to other Pistols meaning missing is not an option but, it stands out due to its accuracy and damage. If you’re using this weapon than don’t worry about the fire rate, you’ll still hit the opponent with high damage.
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If you want to play Call of Duty wherever you are at any time, then you need Call of Duty Mobile. It’s an authentic, surprisingly good version of the frantic and popular shooter franchise. And now it’s on mobile for us all to enjoy whenever and wherever.
How do I hack Call of Duty easily and fast?
View Kilo Bolt-Action best attachments, perks, and skin here.
148 million downloads and nearly $54 million revenue, COD mobile is the largest mobile game launch in history! COD mobile was developed by TiMi Studios, published by Activision, and is available on both iOS and Android. It’s an online shooter that plays like a free-to-play greatest hits package, bringing together popular Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps while converting the familiar controller or keyboard/mouse gameplay to touch controls. The gaming controls on mobiles and tablets are amazing. While playing it through an emulator on PC, the game is as smooth as the original.
Call of Duty Mobile features six different classes. Players who have played Call of Duty games must be aware of these classes. Listed below are all the classes that are available for Call of Duty Mobile.
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So that’s enough about the general settings of Call Of Duty: Mobile. Let’s get into the sensitivity settings.
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When players remove opponents from other squads, they should consider staying in the region rather than leaving right once. Instead, the player can hide behind cover and watch to see whether any of that person’s three teammates tries to recover their dog tag. This not only makes for a potentially easy kill, but it may also assist players remove whole squads in a single skirmish.
For just $79, you can get your story featured to over 100,000 gamers / esports fans on MEGPlay News.
Hence when you utilize any kind of cheat software to simplify the gameplay, you’d risk getting your account banned. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid getting your account terminated whilst using hacks in Call of Duty Mobile and we’re going to explain it below… so read on.
Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Tencent Game and published by Activision for Android and iOS.
Does the ‘CP’ hack really work for Call of Duty mobile? Is there a way to bypass surveys for human verification?
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Families can talk about violence in video games. Is the impact of the violence in Call of Duty: Mobile affected by the realistic visuals of on-screen combat? Would the gameplay be as engaging if there wasn’t blood and gore shown as a result of the gameplay?
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Step 4: Open Virtual Space and Clone COD Mobile and Game Guardian. Before Cloning Make Sure You Removed all the Preinstalled Apps From Virtual Space and Clear the Cache.