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STEP 7: Turn on the features you want and play the game. You may need to follow further instructions inside the hack’s popup in-game.
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here are the new Hacks for among us by axey
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To play the mobile version, you can download the app for free on your smartphone. The Steam version, however, which is for computers, costs R$ 10,89. 
“There is a bug that does not allow my phone keyboard to open (my phone is a SONY XPERIA E4) after about 30 to 40 seconds my keyboard opens, so I can’t play, fix this bug as soon as possible. and this bug only happens in the game “Amoung Us” and before an update (I don’t remember which one) it didn’t happen, so it’s not my phone problem, it’s game problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this text, hopefully in the next update you will fix it.”
Remember when we mentioned common tasks up in the Crewmate section of the article? This can work in your advantage as the Impostor since you’ll know everyone has to eventually complete them, and so you could lie in wait in one of the corresponding rooms to ambush them. The idea here is to lie in wait, either in a nearby vent, or on the task’s panel itself waiting for someone to get close before killing them.
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If your child plays through an online streaming service such as Twitch, insist that they play the audio through the computer speakers and not headphones, so you can hear what is being said. You may also want to prohibit LiveStreaming games too if you are not comfortable with that.
After 1 week of use, I can say that- This tool looks amazing legit and menu is easy, simple and understandable.
The situation with hackers and cheaters in Among Us is a bit of a weird one. Since the game lacks a progression system, there’s really no incentive for players to try to win at all cost, so it’s a bit of a mystery why hackers feel compelled to rely on cheats. Regardless of the reason, most players would agree that addressing the issue is one of the quality-of-life improvements that Among Us needs the most.
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Congratulations, you’re a member of the Among Us Crew. That means you’re out there to help repair this ship/station/colony. For every game as Crew, you’ll be assigned tasks listed in your task list. You can locate where to do these tasks on the map. Simply walk over to each location and complete the job. Some jobs are going to be harder than others, but you’ll eventually figure them out. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow crewmates how to do some of your tasks if you have to, it’s all part of learning on the job.
Developers of the game “Among Us” are actively working to combat a hacker that has flooded the app with pro-Donald Trump messages since Thursday.
We request that our fans abide by the following restrictions:
No, unfortunately voice chat is not built in. I suggest using Discord for voice chat while playing Among Us.
Among Us Mod Menu Ios
There’s no talking while completing tasks. The only occasions where you’re allowed to talk (usually via Discord) is before the match begins, or during meetings. You’re also not allowed to speak after you’ve been killed. Crewmates can still float around the map completing tasks as a ghost, but you cannot speak during meetings. 
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In public games, invitations to join chats outside the game are common. It is also common to exchange WhatsApp numbers and social media profiles, and there is no filter or censor mode to stop this. 
With the Pick Up Towels task in the Showers, you must not only collect them all, but empty them into the beige towel card at the top of the room, near the entrance to the Records. This is not immediately apparent, as the game does not offer the yellow arrow normally used to mark the next step of a two-part task.
This is the number of emergency meetings anyone in the game can call by pressing the big red button. This may be for discussing any suspicious activity, or just to get a quick update from the rest of the lobby. Note that this does not include the meetings one calls upon reporting a body.
You do not need to do this, but if you do you will get through the game faster
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Q: “Great! So back to that original map mod that we commissioned – because it became so popular, we started streaming it, and lots of our followers would like to play on the map with us. Is it acceptable to require them to subscribe to us on Twitch first before they can play with us?”
It may not be the report option that a lot of Among Us players are asking for, but it is a way to ensure cheaters and hackers don’t come back into a game. At a time when hacks in Among Us are getting really popular, and are even advertised front and center on YouTube, it’s hopefully only a matter of time before InnerSloth implements some more direct reporting options.
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This isn’t really part of the guide, but I thought I’d mention: The game in itself is pretty simple. It’s based on a real-life mafia game many have played. The small team of developers just took that idea and made it into a game. It’s inspiring to see stories like this play out, and it gives reason to believe if we do things with the right mindset and cause, others will see that and value what we’ve done (even if not right away). I know this can’t happen to everyone, but that doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming.
On the other hand, it is the job of the crewmate to finish repairing the ship. Once they do, they win the game. However, there are impostors lurking around killing them. Which is why another objective of the crewmates is to eject the impostors. Every time the crew finds a dead body, they report it, and they discuss it during their meeting. Everyone, including the impostors, gets to join the discussion and talk about the alibis and who they think the impostor is. Once they are done voting, the one with the most votes gets ejected from the ship.
As a Crewmate, try to look out for any weird actions from other players. If anyone seems like they are trying to stick to the shadows or just stay out of sight. You’ll also want to pay careful attention to players as they complete tasks. Some of the tasks actually have animations associated with them, which you can sometimes use to tell if someone is lying about doing the task. When you’ve gathered enough evidence – or have an idea of who the Impostor is, bring it up during the Discussion phase and try to make your case.
This allows users to join games that are set as public (available for everyone to join). Only 10 players can join each game before the game has started. This does mean that children may interact with a lot of users they don’t know.
Play in various maps with creative obstacles and features.
Among Us is a multiplayer game played by groups of 4 to 10 people. Most of the players are Crewmates, but 1 to 3 of them (depending on the game settings and player count) are Imposters. The Crewmates have to figure out who the Imposters are and vote them out, while the Imposters try to sabotage and kill as many Crewmates as possible – until the numbers are so low the Imposters can’t be voted out.
When you are the imposter, you can use vents around the map to fast travel. To get this trophy, you need to win the game without using the vents.
Switching off the lights, breaking the Reactor, and sealing doors are just a few ways that you can slow down the Crewmates and orchestrate a kill. There’s a cooldown after executing a sabotage event, so plan ahead and think about how you can target players and get away quickly afterwards. Killing close to vents provides you with an escape route, but consider locking a Crewmate in the room with you to avoid them leaving, or someone else entering and witnessing the attack. 
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By using the sabotage lights hack, you can reduce other players’ vision drastically. It will be difficult to play the game since the lights will be out.
There’s a continue button, and you will be redirected to a download page.
For customization, you need to choose skin, color, and hats for your player. But keep remembering that if someone had chosen any skin, then you can’t choose that one.
You can also reduce the amount of tasks in custom settings to make this easier
If that is their username, then let the game start, and if you still see them call a meeting
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Imposters have another sneaky feature called sabotage. Imposters need to use this very wisely to their advantage. When you sabotage something, the crewmates run to fix the problem; here’s your chance to kill-off those you find alone or to kill in a crowd, as mentioned above.
The main thing to know is that Among Us has crossplay. In other words, PC gamers and Mobile gamers can play Among Us together.
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Using this long-distance kill, an imposter can easily kill crewmates even if crewmates are at a long distance from the imposter. It is one of the best hacks for an imposter as they can kill anyone from a long distance and win the game by activating this hack.
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Easily broadcast hacker messages to your PC from our special cheat client, which has the ability to download your cheat in seconds.
Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?
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I tried going straight to free mode it doesn’t work.  You need to enter a public match
During the voting process, you need to pretend to prove your innocence, and blame other players. This will split the crewmate, causing them to doubt each other. 
I think three imposters games are good because you would mostly be the imposter
First, we need to get back to the main menu. If you haven’t had to do this already, here’s how to do it.
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