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Sure enough, as soon as the imperial concubine heard this, her eyes lit up. She was born in a small family. Although Mammy had been pointing her out all the time these days, her status was too low, and she was also known for her bad words. She was despised by many people. Those slaves always looked at people’s colors, so they naturally didn’t care about doing things. They just wanted to fool the imperial concubine and take the opportunity to make a small fortune. Several people outside are busy kneeling on the ground, “is the neglect of the maidservants, the maidservants are going to get a charter!” He went far away and thanked the imperial concubine with a grateful face. “I’m going to be crushed to death by these things these days, but everyone envies me all kinds of things. I really can’t manage these things with the princess. I really have the feeling of being roasted on the fire.” Mingge said, “I understand, after all, the affairs of the palace are different from those of the palace, and they are complicated everywhere. These people are all old oil sticks. Empress, why don’t you ask Your Majesty to send you a competent person? After all, this palace is Your Majesty’s palace, and he must have someone useful in his hands!” “Your Majesty, your Majesty, what if he is disappointed in me?” The imperial concubine bit her lip and looked embarrassed. She also wanted to rely on this thing to let your majesty take a high look at her. She had no ambition to enter the palace. She just wanted to plant a place of her own in your majesty’s heart before your majesty was established. Your Majesty has been with you for many years. No one knows who you are better than Your Majesty. Perhaps he is waiting for you to ask him for help now! This sentence, like a thunderbolt split in the head of the imperial concubine, a woman from a small family, she can stay in yuan Tong’s side for many years, and was mentioned as the imperial concubine by yuan Tong, where can not be mixed to the present without a wink, Mingge’s words are like clairvoyance, the face of the princess was pale in an instant, there is no pie in the sky, Your Majesty gave her such a great favor. Not as everyone said in the test of her ability, perhaps, in fact, the real test is her loyalty, to see if she will be confused by this right,pumpkin seed extract, she is too silly, forget how much weight she has, but also ignore the real intention of His Majesty to give her these rights. Thank you for your words, Princess! Thinking of this, the imperial concubine could not sit still. She stood up and nodded slightly to Mingge. “There are many affairs in the palace. I will not disturb the princess first. The princess lives here. If there is any inconvenience, you can tell me. I will try my best to do it.” “Thank you very much, the imperial concubine. If anything happens, we’ll have to rely on the empress.” Ming Ge sold this good, but not for this sentence, she will live in the palace for a long time. Chapter 76 The Queen’s Anger 10 “Mother, they say that the imperial concubine is a concubine.” yuan Qingping sat upright on the stool and looked at the Mingge who had braided his hair in the mirror. So? This is the first time that Mingge has braided her hair for a little girl. It has to be said that her hands can hold a knife and gun, but not a needle and thread. The work of braiding is obviously too complicated. She started the work, but could not end it. It happened that yuan Qingping was in high spirits. She could not bear to leave halfway. Mother yuan Qingping observed that his mother’s expression had not changed and hesitated to say, “Mother, they say that such a person does not deserve to be high above the masses!” In fact, carnosic acid price ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, those people’s comments are much sharper than Qingping’s summary, and there are all kinds of curse words in it, such as what is just a plaything to wait on men, something that is not on the table, and the dream of reaching the sky once. Of course, Qingping couldn’t say these words. She just suddenly remembered that the servants in the palace had talked about such a person. It was a concubine of her father. She heard the nurse say, “It’s just a concubine. It’s not something on the table. It dares to accuse the princess.” Wang Ye is also true. Not only does he not stand up for the princess, but he also snubs the princess. Men are really unreliable.. Because those words were too old, and at that time Qingping was sleepy and heard the nurse talking to herself, she did not remember them very clearly, but perhaps because it was about her mother and father, she still had an impression of them. So today, hearing the comments of the palace people, Qingping subconsciously thought of his mother. Mother, what did she think of her father’s concubine? “What do you think of yourself?” Mingge fingers softly through Qingping’s hair, perhaps feeling that Qingping’s life was really miserable, Mingge was obviously much softer to her, and as long as she thought that this girl was her own child, even if she was living someone else’s life, she felt very happy, and her heart was full of warmth. I Qingping, after all, was only seven years old. Although she was born in the royal family and began to teach all kinds of things from an early age, she only knew a little more than her peers and was a little sensible. She knew that she could not criticize her elders, so she hesitated and finally answered, “I don’t know, mother!” Qingping, you are a little girl now, but as you grow up day by day, you will become a big girl and a woman like your mother! People are constantly changing, we can not just listen to those one-sided words, will be a person’s final conclusion, this is not fair to that person! Besides, mother guessed that you were eavesdropping on the palace people. Mother said these words, Qingping did not understand too much, heard the mother’s question, Qingping subconsciously nodded, “Yes!” “Are those palace people hiding in the corner, only two or three of them talking quietly together, with great resentment in their voices and dirty mouths?” “Mother, how do you know?” Qingping opened his big watery eyes and looked at his mother in the mirror with surprise and adoration. They are so sneaky that what they say can have some credibility, and the length of the Taoist behind them is not the style of a gentleman, they are full of foul words, even if it is true, they must have exaggerated countless times. Mingge looked at Qingping thoughtfully, she paused, gave Qingping time to think for a while, and then went on to say, “and these people must have a conflict of interest with the imperial concubine, perhaps the imperial concubine scolded them,rosmarinic acid supplement, otherwise they would not be so resentful!” “Mother, you’re right. One of them seems to have been deducted half a year’s monthly salary by the imperial concubine because of the flowers, and the other has been beaten!” 。 prius-biotech.com